the granny sells… part 2

three new babies for sale on my chairish page … and an amazing flat weave rug coming soon!

love them, buy them!







fun things to do in the bathroom…

don’t be a sissy… go bold in the bathroom. cover the walls with a funky wallpaper or keep it simple with a few pieces of great art! here are four great ideas of fun things to do in the bathroom.

1/ classic black and white in a bold print. timeless but still updated.

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2/ bold colored prints in a classic style. don’t go with the trends here… stick with a classic print such as a stripe, but go with a fun colorway!


3/ add drama… again a classic print but a bit over-scaled in a neutral palette.


4/ no wallpaper… no problem. add in a few pieces of unexpected art to create a salon style wall. so charming!



xoxo- T

mr. peacock…

i’ve got a few family treasures passed down from grandmothers and great grandmothers… one is the the infamous, wicker peacock chair. i’ll be honest, i am struggling a bit on where to put him. he currently resides in the guest bedroom, which is currently a hodgepodge of vintage pieces that do not relate.

here is an inspiration image for the guest room, done by the lovely Amber Lewis! i love the laid back, colorful but clean, bohemian vibe.  i have a thing for wicker… like this strange bassinet, bar cart thing i picked up a while back, and i still don’t really know what it is (but  he likes to hang out in the guest room too).

also, i am debating this  crazy wallpaper by scion, i love it so much but i wonder if i’ll easily grow tired of it.





joie de vivre…

Talk about pattern perfection… as of the lately i’ve been obsessed with the work of Paule Marrot. Marrot was an incredible French painter and textile artist from the 1920’s-1950’s. The colors are outta this world!

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