mr. peacock…

i’ve got a few family treasures passed down from grandmothers and great grandmothers… one is the the infamous, wicker peacock chair. i’ll be honest, i am struggling a bit on where to put him. he currently resides in the guest bedroom, which is currently a hodgepodge of vintage pieces that do not relate.

here is an inspiration image for the guest room, done by the lovely Amber Lewis! i love the laid back, colorful but clean, bohemian vibe.  i have a thing for wicker… like this strange bassinet, bar cart thing i picked up a while back, and i still don’t really know what it is (but  he likes to hang out in the guest room too).

also, i am debating this  crazy wallpaper by scion, i love it so much but i wonder if i’ll easily grow tired of it.






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