fun things to do in the bathroom…

don’t be a sissy… go bold in the bathroom. cover the walls with a funky wallpaper or keep it simple with a few pieces of great art! here are four great ideas of fun things to do in the bathroom.

1/ classic black and white in a bold print. timeless but still updated.

5cfc9b6dae6f5e83eebe4b1cc8f2fd93  632c5fba9c44a617daff81ad2e3d4c77  be38e9743f2179c80d071edaaa91b7d3

2/ bold colored prints in a classic style. don’t go with the trends here… stick with a classic print such as a stripe, but go with a fun colorway!


3/ add drama… again a classic print but a bit over-scaled in a neutral palette.


4/ no wallpaper… no problem. add in a few pieces of unexpected art to create a salon style wall. so charming!



xoxo- T


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