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crazy over these salon walls…2e39fca80942e6231d5e3c0bacefb36d 3e78ae0bd3874411901602de1d79cc7a 281d01e2525f36bdf81cd6957af1c044 2416fd8658f1c173796ae458fa078026 11999a6c0b1271cc58669af25ee903d5 17545fc0d4a6a47e86422962051b12f0 85960960af62ea80b9edbf85ee0b76e1 a4a326ca8ba389845d76305dc065256c d110b727567ddbc529cc3bfd8d3f6542 The Everygirl NYC Fizz 56 Apartment Shoot by Michelle Lange Photographer e651daee4fe23968bde9128fbf12593c ea5be27d86a34035ea240d9d6967f93f

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a little pink house

the little pink house on the street, that one is ours! it’s not cute like a little doll house, more of a sun bleached salmon color that has been sloppily sprayed over with white paint.  needless to say, it needs a little love.

a little background on the casa… we purchased this gem last winter.  previously it was owned by some older lady who owned antique stores ( a lady after my own heart).  however she was a bit out there, and thought art was an old 70’s green washing machine that she proudly displayed in the yard. i found this old photo of house online, overgrown and in desperate need of some tlchouse old

here’s a photo of the house when we purchased it:


and after two very, very minor improvements here is a photo from this summer. new modern house numbers and a barn light ( not pictured). the casa has potential but man does it need a serious paint job.
house2here is some of my exterior inspiration for the future of our house… white, black and navy

1 2 3 5k7and my favorite oldie via house of honey

10we hope to color the casa next spring, beyond looking forward to it. what do you think, can’t you just see it!!!!

xoxo- granny tash

black, white and a lotta vintage

This lovely home is the perfect combination of black, white and colorful accents! I am loving the clean and clustered feeling of the rooms. It’s all about the black floors and art in this home, your art should reflect you!

Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_matplats Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_spis Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_sovrum Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_vardagsrum Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_koket Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_hylla Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_hall

tips for an amazing, unique home:

1) Keep it simple

2) Add in very “you” pieces, make it kitschy! Your house should be a reflection of you!

3) Vintage is a must! Your home will be truly you, no others will be the same!

4) When in doubt, choose white. Not sure of the finish color to choose, select white… it keeps it fresh and modern and give you A LOT of room for vintage!

5) Clean lines, add in a few modern pieces!


xoxo- granny tash