black, white and a lotta vintage

This lovely home is the perfect combination of black, white and colorful accents! I am loving the clean and clustered feeling of the rooms. It’s all about the black floors and art in this home, your art should reflect you!

Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_matplats Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_spis Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_sovrum Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_vardagsrum Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_koket Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_hylla Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_hall

tips for an amazing, unique home:

1) Keep it simple

2) Add in very “you” pieces, make it kitschy! Your house should be a reflection of you!

3) Vintage is a must! Your home will be truly you, no others will be the same!

4) When in doubt, choose white. Not sure of the finish color to choose, select white… it keeps it fresh and modern and give you A LOT of room for vintage!

5) Clean lines, add in a few modern pieces!


xoxo- granny tash


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