planning… tasha loves travis

Welp… here we are at the end of January, and I said i’d start that stressful thing (also known as wedding planning).  So here we are, the first thing that you don’t know about weddings…they are sooooo expensive! Only kidding, you already knew that.

Since I can remember, I have wanted to get married on the beach (st thomas) sans shoes… a strange request I know. So the planning has officially began, at least in my head. I started a scrap book with inspirational clippings, because that is what most grown women do when it comes to wedding planning, then you of course have to figure out where are you going to get all this money from… tricky, you see?

Anyways here are some inspirational images to start you on getting the vibe we want… simple/ slightly vintage/ slightly modern/ lots of white

8cf2b0582f7afff4b79b7b35086e16e3 bando c2fa0719260704a5c58450f43bf94503 c485de4e7ad1cd48f4121b76eeecb1eb

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also… if we had an endless budget… custom towels! Hell ya

Until next time.


xoxo- grannytash


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