dining rooms

while these dining rooms may look effortless… let’s be honest. Creating the perfect dining room can be quite tricky at times. Here i am struggling to commit to a dining room fixture, but i am pretty set on this baby.

Here are a few steps to create the perfect eclectic  dining room, without over thinking it!

  • Paint it white, wallpaper it or paint it a dramatic dark color ( if your space can handle that!)
  • Buy the perfect mix of vintage and modern, to create a unique one of a kind look
  • Bring in drama with your light fixture,  take down that disgusting $59 home depot light fixture ( I am talking to myself here!) Over-sized, colorful and vintage if possible
  • Art, art, art… make it weird. The more weird the better in my option. Who doesn’t have photos cows over their dining table
  • Bar cart… duh












Looking for great vintage sources, here are some of my favorites: chairish, local thrift and vintage  shops, etsy.


xo- granny tash

fun things to do in the bathroom…

don’t be a sissy… go bold in the bathroom. cover the walls with a funky wallpaper or keep it simple with a few pieces of great art! here are four great ideas of fun things to do in the bathroom.

1/ classic black and white in a bold print. timeless but still updated.

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2/ bold colored prints in a classic style. don’t go with the trends here… stick with a classic print such as a stripe, but go with a fun colorway!


3/ add drama… again a classic print but a bit over-scaled in a neutral palette.


4/ no wallpaper… no problem. add in a few pieces of unexpected art to create a salon style wall. so charming!



xoxo- T

joie de vivre…

Talk about pattern perfection… as of the lately i’ve been obsessed with the work of Paule Marrot. Marrot was an incredible French painter and textile artist from the 1920’s-1950’s. The colors are outta this world!

1 2 3 5 7 98  10 11


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