dream pieces…

designing can be quite challenging… especially when the client is you! exposed to beautiful and VERY expensive things causes to stress me out! so designing without a budget..here are some of my very favorite pieces.. i think I may like blue and the ocean?!?!2e5e38371f22af3a78ff98be9c601879 3fa803c5a66e74682507904e5f065b18 6c24426a-d9a1-43e8-abff-1af45ea13a7d 75ad8c28-fcf3-4bb2-b27f-5b25c5c5a015 9860f16d-7dfe-430e-8cdb-59189645d7ee 1751982_l   Capture detail_Made-Goods-Janson f8a27209-e742-46c0-a825-7dd04eeb98db file_140_15 il_570xN.404937204_3uik il_570xN.553120626_d21u Kaze_South_Web_1024x1024 Luke-edward-Hall_statue-Greyhound_charcoal-illustration-print-buddy-editions_1024x1024 nicky kehie oil-painting-ship-scenery-sh-018 ORG_BB4975__l saarinen-womb-chair-medium-6640_z.jpg Star_Map_Blue_Blue_Web_1024x1024 Striped_Blanket_Web_1024x1024

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good wood

get your mind outta the gutter… love everything about this 1970’s home! refurbished by the talented  Dorrington Atcheson Architects out of Auckland, NZ. Check out more of their rad work here!  good wood, huh?60edee02f80ad6d829f67039d3b49276 (1)IMG_0330.Rcheshirearchitects IMG_0351.Rcheshirearchitects IMG_0475.Rcheshirearchitects IMG_0506.Rcheshirearchitects IMG_0548.Rcheshirearchitects IMG_0765.Rcheshirearchitects IMG_1198cheshirearchitects

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honey i’m home

going on about 5 years now, ever since i met tamara honey at her adorable shop in pasadena, i’ve been hooked! she brings it like no other interior designer, one of a kind, vintage filled interiors that feel modern and welcoming all in one. her home, featured on lonny.com this past week is truly magical…



the master suite, is a dream in itself…

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the inspiration of emily…

i’ve been thinking alot lately about how sad it makes me that i’ve never really “designed” my house, i’ve also been thinking alot about all those semi-creepy vintage oil portraits that i come across while thrifting..   i of course then, think of the fabulous emily henderson and her semi- creepy but amazing portraits and i feel happy.  then… i google “emily henderson portrait wall’ and i get this post, and now i feel good all around.  it’s always nice to hear that every other designers house hasn’t always looked like it’s fresh off the pages of domino. i need to work on making my house look a little less “thrift store” in some spaces.


circa 2011

IT’S A PROCESS and although i can tell a client that a millions times, it’s always been hard for me to agree with my own advice.  anyways… look how far you’ve come emily. Loving her new digs, via domino in case you’ve been dead or something in the past week.

20769c66990a81f77c9fafc57f3ad2a0 77b9b0a055ef76779f39ce63faa42a880359893aae1d40a9cffd3fcb95c2c88b f277302550e053ae5959330b0a6d8d85 FionaRichardson-living1…it’s a dream

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dining rooms

while these dining rooms may look effortless… let’s be honest. Creating the perfect dining room can be quite tricky at times. Here i am struggling to commit to a dining room fixture, but i am pretty set on this baby.

Here are a few steps to create the perfect eclectic  dining room, without over thinking it!

  • Paint it white, wallpaper it or paint it a dramatic dark color ( if your space can handle that!)
  • Buy the perfect mix of vintage and modern, to create a unique one of a kind look
  • Bring in drama with your light fixture,  take down that disgusting $59 home depot light fixture ( I am talking to myself here!) Over-sized, colorful and vintage if possible
  • Art, art, art… make it weird. The more weird the better in my option. Who doesn’t have photos cows over their dining table
  • Bar cart… duh












Looking for great vintage sources, here are some of my favorites: chairish, local thrift and vintage  shops, etsy.


xo- granny tash