planning… tasha loves travis

Welp… here we are at the end of January, and I said i’d start that stressful thing (also known as wedding planning).  So here we are, the first thing that you don’t know about weddings…they are sooooo expensive! Only kidding, you already knew that.

Since I can remember, I have wanted to get married on the beach (st thomas) sans shoes… a strange request I know. So the planning has officially began, at least in my head. I started a scrap book with inspirational clippings, because that is what most grown women do when it comes to wedding planning, then you of course have to figure out where are you going to get all this money from… tricky, you see?

Anyways here are some inspirational images to start you on getting the vibe we want… simple/ slightly vintage/ slightly modern/ lots of white

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also… if we had an endless budget… custom towels! Hell ya

Until next time.


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good wood

get your mind outta the gutter… love everything about this 1970’s home! refurbished by the talented  Dorrington Atcheson Architects out of Auckland, NZ. Check out more of their rad work here!  good wood, huh?60edee02f80ad6d829f67039d3b49276 (1)IMG_0330.Rcheshirearchitects IMG_0351.Rcheshirearchitects IMG_0475.Rcheshirearchitects IMG_0506.Rcheshirearchitects IMG_0548.Rcheshirearchitects IMG_0765.Rcheshirearchitects IMG_1198cheshirearchitects

images via desire to inspire

xoxo- grannytash

take me to the ocean

happy 2015! i’m starting this year off with a bang, heading down to st thomas, usvi for a week of r&r! since this will be my third trip down, i’ve decided to compose an official, “granny travel guide to st thomas”  it will be filled with mostly non-touristy, tourist attractions and likely about 20 beautiful beach photos, because why not? accompanying me will be the fiance (eek), family and some close friends.


follow me along on instagram for photos.

granny travel guide coming soon, but first… i must travel!

xoxo- grannytash


honey i’m home

going on about 5 years now, ever since i met tamara honey at her adorable shop in pasadena, i’ve been hooked! she brings it like no other interior designer, one of a kind, vintage filled interiors that feel modern and welcoming all in one. her home, featured on this past week is truly magical…



the master suite, is a dream in itself…

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xoxo- grannytash

a san francisco holiday…

this past year.. the boyfriend and i came up with an idea, put 10 different u.s. cities into a hat and travel accordingly. so on our 10th anniversary we pulled the first city, san francisco. this past week, we traveled!IMG_0916

i had never been, and the boyfriend had been once at a very young age. flying by the seat of our pants most of the trip (very unlike me) we enjoyed 5 glorious days in san francisco.  we did our fair share of eating, touristing, picnicking, photo adventuring and a day trip to napa valley. as modern couples do, we haven’t one good photo, just a bunch of selfies.IMG_0893IMG_0890IMG_0746IMG_0826

the food was kick ass, never once did we have a mediocre meal. our favorite restaurants included: foreign cinema / r&g lounge /  don pisto’s  and for out of this world picnic goodies bi-rite marketIMG_0850IMG_0773IMG_0753engaged2

we spontaneously rented a car and drove to napa for the day, after cruising with the top down for an hour or so we arrived at pejo winery. the boyfriend, then proceeded to ask me to marry him, no big deal… kidding!  then really i just spent the remainder of the trip staring google-eyed at  him and my amazing diamonds. bravo babe, bravo!

pejo winery was wonderful with delicious wines, not available for purchase at local liquor stores.  we purchased some wine for the bar cart and to remember our lovely holiday. san francisco has stolen my heart in more ways than one!

IMG_0787     enegaged 3 engaged

xoxo- granny tash